Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All "Keyed" up!

Well, yesterday I got all "keyed" up! I got all of my keys to go with all of my life changes.

I have had a key for Gunter, but it was just for my office. Well, yesterday I got all of my keys and badge. (To my MISD friends...it isn't the same. I didn't have to take a crummy picture! HA!) It feels so much more official having keys. I feel more official in Gunter every time I go. I have been moving stuff in, but I am not feeling so great so that has halted my plans for this week. Tomorrow I meet with the counselor that is leaving. She is so nice. She is going to help me get started, and go through all of my things.

Also yesterday I got my house keys for my rent house in Van Alstyne. I am SO excited. They are putting in new flooring in the two spare bedrooms, so it is too big of a mess for pictures. I will probably wait to post pictures until my stuff is in, since it will look more like a home at this time.

Having a home will definitely be an adjustment, but I am so excited. Trent and I are working on getting fence up for my four legged friends. My friend Mindy is helping me out with a refrigerator for free. THANK YOU SO MUCH MINDY! I was worried about all of the cost coming at me all at once. I am working on setting up cable, electric, Internet and phone. I haven't even started packing, but that will come soon!

I don't have to rush out of my apartment since I am paying rent here too in July! I know CRAZY! See where my money concerns are coming from?

I know that it is a lot right now, but it will all be worth it in the end! Thanks for all of your support, and for reading! I will post soon with more updates!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Life Changes

Well, I had a lot of life changes happen last week. I had the last week of school, I had two interviews, I rented a home, and just getting through the normal weekly things.

This year was the hardest year to end. I worked with this group of students for 2 years, and I loved every minute with them. I knew as a teacher I would NEVER have a group like this group again, and it made it EXTREMELY hard to say goodbye. I always have a difficult time, but I cried like a baby over this group. I just love my kids, and I am going to miss them so very much!

Like I said I had 2 interviews. One with Denton ISD at Savannah Elementary and the other was with Gunter ISD. Well, I got BOTH of them offered to me. That meant a major decision for me to make. I chose Gunter. I know it is a smaller ISD, but they are paying me what I wanted. Smaller districts have less students, and this school is AWESOME. I can't wait to post pictures. It is one of the hardest decisions I have ever made because my current school is such an AWESOME place to work, but I worked VERY hard for this. I am SUPER excited about my new career adventure.

I will starting in July have a HOUSE! YIPPIE! I can't wait to have a yard! When I get my keys I will post pictures. I will be living in Van Alstyne. It will be an adjustment, but I am really excited!

Well, that is my life changes in a nut shell!

Monday, May 11, 2009


So, I went home for mother's day weekend Friday night. My family went out of a quite dinner. We had a nice time, but then the "real" fun began. Later that evening it started storming. Nothing new around here for the past few weeks, but then the storms REALLY hit. It started hailing! FUN...I know you are jealous! It hailed for a solid HOUR!! I have never seen so much hail! At my parents house my car is left out in the elements. So, to say the least I have hail damage. I thought this was going to be expensive, but apparently I have NO DEDUCTIBLE! Thank goodness!

On Saturday we went out to lunch as a family to celebrate my personal mother's, mother's day. We had a great lunch at Razzoo's. Then we headed back to Sherman. We all sat and watched the MAVS game, and then Trent and I went to dinner. It was an great Saturday!

Then on Sunday, Mom and I went to get take out for lunch (we slept through breakfast.) Then I had to go to dinner for Trent's mother. Trent and all the other boys cooked the best fajitas EVER! Trent found a new recipe. It was so YUMMY!

We had the best weekend, but I am really looking forward to a weekend here at my house. I haven't had one in three weeks! I am ready to spend sometime catching up on my house work.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I was tagged!

Alyson tagged me a couple of days ago, and since I am home on the sofa sick...I can take the time to complete! Thanks Alyson for tagging me! You are AWESOME, and I am so lucky to work with you!

8 things I look forward to...

~Getting married some day

~Getting a school counseling job

~Someday being a mother

~Paying off all of my student loans



~Getting debt free


8 things I did yesterday...

~Spent time with my family

~Watched the MAVS lose to Denver

~Ate dinner with Trent's family for his mothers b-day.

~Played Guitar Hero

~Sang Happy Birthday

~Supervised Trent and Tyler installing a water filter.

~Watched movies with my parents

~Drove back to McKinney

8 things I wish I could do...

~Go on a cruise

~Buy a house

~Travel all over the world

~Paint...I love to paint, but I am not talented

~Get motivated to lose weight

~Save money

~Get taller

8 shows I watch...

~Grey's Anatomy

~Private Practice

~Desperate Housewives

~One Tree Hill

~Big Bang Theory

~American Idol

~Who's wedding is it anyway?

~Most of the shows on the HGTV

8 people I tag...





And I am out of Blogger friends...I need more readers!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

RIP Birdy

Well, today while I was driving home I hit a bird. SOOOOO sad for both the bird and my car!

I was on 75 going the speed limit (65), and the left lane had cars and to my right was the gaurd rail. So, there is the bird...no where to go! Then....BOOOM! I looked in the rearview and saw nothing but feathers. It looked like I ran over a pillow. I was really upset and almost started crying, but then started thinking about my car. So, I exited the highway and pulled over to check out my car. All I saw was an imprint of the bird.

I then went to wash my car to see if I could get it off, but the bird took all of the paint off where he hit. I guess I will be going to get an estimate on that now! NOT FUN!!!!!

So, there is my eventful day in a nutshell!

All I can say now is...GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pitty-Parting for One....Yes, Please!!!!

So, I have been trying to get over my pitty party, but I just keep getting sucked back into my pitty party.

First of all there are barely any jobs this year, and there are A LOT of people wanting them. The two interviews I have had, I have gotten my rejection letter. I am thinking about starting a scrap book with my rejection letters.

I know I am great, but I just need to someone else to know this too!

Don't get me wrong...I LOVE BEING A TEACHER, but I worked VERY hard for my higher education...I want to use it!

I need a job, and I guess this year isn't going to be it like I hoped!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Pain

I LOVE spring...really I do, but one thing I really, REALLY, REALLY dislike is the allergies that come with spring. I woke up this morning, and I felt like a truck ran over my face. I got up and took all of my medication, and no help. I have not felt any relief all day. I feel horrible. It is so hard to be a teacher with this season too because the kids NEED you, and you are just trying to survive! So, there is my spring comments!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sometimes a girl needs to vent!

I would like to know why some people think they know exactly what EVERYONE around them should do with their life, but when it comes to figuring out their own life they have NO CLUE.

One of my friends thinks she knows EVERYTHING that all of us should do with our life, and what is wrong with our lives. Yet, she can't see the bad influence in her life. He is a REALLY bad man, and I mean REALLY BAD!

I want to help her but she doesn't listen. She will just have to learn on her own, but it hurts that she thinks she can critcize me and my life. My life is great and I am SUPER happy!

Ok, I guess I can stop venting!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend fun!

Friday I called into work. I went to the doctor, and then Trent and I ran errands to get ready for Saturday. One of my best friends got married on Saturday. It was a pretty formal wedding, and it was A LOT of fun. It was one of the funnest weddings ever. It was straight out of the movie. Everyone was on the dance floor, the band was great, the couple looked amazing, etc. I have been to A LOT of weddings, and they are all different, but this one was like a reception you would see on tv. We had a blast. Trent looked so handsome, and I must say I looked pretty good myself. I thought I would post a few pictures, and I will have to get the others from my sister when she isn't as busy.

Here is a picture of Trent and I at the wedding...we are such a cute couple!

Cortney, Audra and myself...the three amiga's.

The Bride (Mrs. Stacey Vick Thomas) and myself...she looked great!

Another picture of Trent and myself! I just love him!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Birthday Party

So, Friday night my sister threw me a surprise birthday party! It was SO much fun! We started our night at dinner at Gloria's in Frisco. One of my favorite Mexican food places. My co-workers and friends joined in for some fun. It was hard because most of my friends were busy with Spring Break plans, but I am so happy that anyone showed up!

After dinner some of us went to Cowboys Red River to country dance. It was SO much fun. I hadn't been out dancing in forever! Here are some pictures of us!

Audra and I--My former co-worker and one of my best friends!

All the girls!

Me and the Boys--Darren, Me, Patrick


Then on Saturday Trent and I celebrated! We went out to eat, shopping and played putt putt! We had so much fun. Sunday he baked me a cake and cooked dinner! It was such a great birthday weekend! Here are a few pictures of the cake Trent baked...so yummy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another year older

So, yesterday was my birthday. It was a good day, but I do NOT like getting older. It makes me look back at my 2_ years, and examin my life. I am a lot further in my career then I would have ever told you I would be at this age. My personal life isn't quite where I thought I would be. I would have told you when I was 18 that I would be married with at least two kids by now. I feel bad, but I know I am not ready for a baby yet. I have been saying since I was 21 that I wanted a baby at 28, and now that is just a year away. I am not so sure that I will be ready by then.

I know I need to work on the first step...which would be marriage, and we are working on that, but I dont know that we would start for a baby at my pre-determined time.

Birthday's just really make me think about life, and also try to determine if I am better off with my life the way it is, or if I would be better off with my life plan at 18.

On another note...I did have a good birthday. I shopped for a new laptop all day, and had no luck. I just need to pick one. Then my family went to eat at one of my favorite Mexican places....Blue Goose. It was so yummy!

My parents replaced my stolen mother-daughter ring. My mother bought it for me for my birthday back in 2005, and it was stolen by a "friend" in 2007. I was heart broken, and my mother knew this. So, my mom and dad replaced it for me yesterday. I just love my ring!

Cortney is so busy with work she got me a gift card to help toward the purchase of my new laptop.

I didn't get to see Trent on my birthday, but we are spending the weekend celebrating. It will be his first weekend off since CHRISTMAS! I am SO excited.

I am attaching PHOTOS of my new mother-daughter James Avery ring. I will make sure I keep it from a certian C.C. so that she can't steal it again!

Overall, I had a good birthday! Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A hunting I will go....

So, it is MY hunting season right now. Hunting you ask...JOB HUNTING! I am really hoping for a positive result this year. I worked very hard for my masters degree in school counseling, and I really want to use my talents.

Don't get me wrong...I love teaching, and I cant imagine myself ever enjoying a career where I am not helping children.

As a school counselor, I will get to help ALL of the kids in a school. Right now I am getting to work with only the students in my classroom or in my grade level. I want to help as many children as I possibly can.

Well, I have applied for EVERY opening that has come open to this date. We will see what happens. I have a couple of interviews lining up, and if they work out then I will have to make big decisions because I have a complex about change.

As one of my co-workers told me tonight she is going to pray for me to get what my heart desires...no matter where that might be.

IF I get a job this year it will be a SUPER hard leave. I am working on the BEST TEAM EVER! I have NEVER enjoyed a team this much. Don't get me wrong I have loved every team I have worked on, but this year is just different. There hasn't been any of the drama. I know I am SHOCKED!

Well, I guess I said all of this hoping someone will read it, and think of me this hunting season!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tomorrow is TAKS day!

So, tomorrow is the reading TAKS for my students. So, keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers!

On another note, my blog posts are boring which is a sign that I need to get the camera out and start taking more pictures! I have a really busy weekend this weekend, and hope to take a lot of pictures!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Does anybody hear me?

I love this site, but I am not sure that anybody is reading my blog. I will keep trying throughout March, and we will see what comes.

The past few weeks have been absolutely CRAZY! I have been working so hard, and I hope that on Tuesday my kids are able to do their best on the TAKS test. Everyone in our school has pushed to help these kids reach the mark. It is hard for me to let go and let god. I have to in order to keep some sanity.

It is still really hard not seeing Trent as much too. He is always so good at helping me when I am stressed. He is so calm and relaxed, and I am so not but being around his personality helps me calm down.

So, pray for me and my class on Tuesday...my 3rd graders take the Reading TAKS! We are shooting for exemplary!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Get a Voki now!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Poor Doggies

So, tonight like most nights I lay here in bed watching WFAA news. Well, tonight I had forgotten to submit an email, and had to do that tonight. After watching a story on WFAA I had to blog. They aired a story about animal shelters. If you have known me for any amount of time you know I LOVE animals. The number of dogs in shelters is drastically higher now than ever due to the economy, and most of the dogs are owner release. Shelters are putting down at least 40 dogs a day. This broke my heart. Both of my dogs are shelter dogs that someone didn't want. I cant imagine having to give them up, and knowing that they are then put down. During the story they put two dogs down. I cried like a baby!

I know things get difficult, but I hope people who saw this story think about this when it comes time to get a pet. There are a TON of people who only buy "pure" bred dogs, and there are plenty of dogs in shelters waiting for a good home.

Had to get this out! Thanks for listening!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Frustrated with work...

I get so frustrated with adult life from time to time. Being an adult, and having responsibilities isn't fun. Trent has a job that just frustrates me to no end! They have a new sale "incentive", and that means if he doesn't meet his weekly goal he has to work an extra day. Well, since this "incentive" as they call it; he hasn't had a weekend off. Well, today he only needed to make a hundred dollars, and then once he made that he could go home. Did that happen...NO! One of the other drivers didn't show up this morning, and so they made Trent cover for him. Now Trent has to work until 10 tonight. We actually had plans for once. I am getting so incredibly frustrated! I could SCREAM! I am ready to have a weekend with my Trent, and not just a Sunday!

With the economy the way it is...it is impossible for him to quit and look for a job elsewhere. So, we are constantly looking for him a job somewhere else, but haven't had any luck yet.

I needed to vent today...now it is time to clean the house!

On a positive note I just had a great lunch with my family. I ate WAY too much...there goes my diet! :-)

Sometimes I think....

I need a life. Here it is a Friday night, and I am updating a website at almost midnight!

I did do SOMETHING tonight besides work on technology. I went to see a movie at Studio Movie Grill with my sister tonight. We went to see Bride Wars. It was such a good movie, and it totally reminds me why Trent and I will be going away for our wedding when it is our turn to get married!

I am feeling kind of sad as I write this blog because I am not sure who will ever read it besides Alyson....HA! So, I will be reaching out to my Myspace and Facebook buddies! Hopefully they will take a liking to my new blog.

I am really liking this site so far! :-)

Learn how to post pictures in my blog.
Get more readers that actually care what I have to say! :-)

Friday, January 30, 2009

We will see...

So, I was at work today, and I had the great opportunity to sit and have lunch with co-workers I usually just pass in the hall. I have really enjoyed one of my co-workers blog for a year now, and she reminded me that I haven't been using this site. I tend to be a little obsessed with other social sites, and I need to really get back into blogging. I really enjoy it, and I need to make sure I stick to it! So, now I will work on blogging, and then work on finding readers! :-)