Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All "Keyed" up!

Well, yesterday I got all "keyed" up! I got all of my keys to go with all of my life changes.

I have had a key for Gunter, but it was just for my office. Well, yesterday I got all of my keys and badge. (To my MISD friends...it isn't the same. I didn't have to take a crummy picture! HA!) It feels so much more official having keys. I feel more official in Gunter every time I go. I have been moving stuff in, but I am not feeling so great so that has halted my plans for this week. Tomorrow I meet with the counselor that is leaving. She is so nice. She is going to help me get started, and go through all of my things.

Also yesterday I got my house keys for my rent house in Van Alstyne. I am SO excited. They are putting in new flooring in the two spare bedrooms, so it is too big of a mess for pictures. I will probably wait to post pictures until my stuff is in, since it will look more like a home at this time.

Having a home will definitely be an adjustment, but I am so excited. Trent and I are working on getting fence up for my four legged friends. My friend Mindy is helping me out with a refrigerator for free. THANK YOU SO MUCH MINDY! I was worried about all of the cost coming at me all at once. I am working on setting up cable, electric, Internet and phone. I haven't even started packing, but that will come soon!

I don't have to rush out of my apartment since I am paying rent here too in July! I know CRAZY! See where my money concerns are coming from?

I know that it is a lot right now, but it will all be worth it in the end! Thanks for all of your support, and for reading! I will post soon with more updates!