Saturday, January 31, 2009

Frustrated with work...

I get so frustrated with adult life from time to time. Being an adult, and having responsibilities isn't fun. Trent has a job that just frustrates me to no end! They have a new sale "incentive", and that means if he doesn't meet his weekly goal he has to work an extra day. Well, since this "incentive" as they call it; he hasn't had a weekend off. Well, today he only needed to make a hundred dollars, and then once he made that he could go home. Did that happen...NO! One of the other drivers didn't show up this morning, and so they made Trent cover for him. Now Trent has to work until 10 tonight. We actually had plans for once. I am getting so incredibly frustrated! I could SCREAM! I am ready to have a weekend with my Trent, and not just a Sunday!

With the economy the way it is impossible for him to quit and look for a job elsewhere. So, we are constantly looking for him a job somewhere else, but haven't had any luck yet.

I needed to vent it is time to clean the house!

On a positive note I just had a great lunch with my family. I ate WAY too much...there goes my diet! :-)

Sometimes I think....

I need a life. Here it is a Friday night, and I am updating a website at almost midnight!

I did do SOMETHING tonight besides work on technology. I went to see a movie at Studio Movie Grill with my sister tonight. We went to see Bride Wars. It was such a good movie, and it totally reminds me why Trent and I will be going away for our wedding when it is our turn to get married!

I am feeling kind of sad as I write this blog because I am not sure who will ever read it besides Alyson....HA! So, I will be reaching out to my Myspace and Facebook buddies! Hopefully they will take a liking to my new blog.

I am really liking this site so far! :-)

Learn how to post pictures in my blog.
Get more readers that actually care what I have to say! :-)

Friday, January 30, 2009

We will see...

So, I was at work today, and I had the great opportunity to sit and have lunch with co-workers I usually just pass in the hall. I have really enjoyed one of my co-workers blog for a year now, and she reminded me that I haven't been using this site. I tend to be a little obsessed with other social sites, and I need to really get back into blogging. I really enjoy it, and I need to make sure I stick to it! So, now I will work on blogging, and then work on finding readers! :-)