Monday, May 11, 2009


So, I went home for mother's day weekend Friday night. My family went out of a quite dinner. We had a nice time, but then the "real" fun began. Later that evening it started storming. Nothing new around here for the past few weeks, but then the storms REALLY hit. It started hailing! FUN...I know you are jealous! It hailed for a solid HOUR!! I have never seen so much hail! At my parents house my car is left out in the elements. So, to say the least I have hail damage. I thought this was going to be expensive, but apparently I have NO DEDUCTIBLE! Thank goodness!

On Saturday we went out to lunch as a family to celebrate my personal mother's, mother's day. We had a great lunch at Razzoo's. Then we headed back to Sherman. We all sat and watched the MAVS game, and then Trent and I went to dinner. It was an great Saturday!

Then on Sunday, Mom and I went to get take out for lunch (we slept through breakfast.) Then I had to go to dinner for Trent's mother. Trent and all the other boys cooked the best fajitas EVER! Trent found a new recipe. It was so YUMMY!

We had the best weekend, but I am really looking forward to a weekend here at my house. I haven't had one in three weeks! I am ready to spend sometime catching up on my house work.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I was tagged!

Alyson tagged me a couple of days ago, and since I am home on the sofa sick...I can take the time to complete! Thanks Alyson for tagging me! You are AWESOME, and I am so lucky to work with you!

8 things I look forward to...

~Getting married some day

~Getting a school counseling job

~Someday being a mother

~Paying off all of my student loans



~Getting debt free


8 things I did yesterday...

~Spent time with my family

~Watched the MAVS lose to Denver

~Ate dinner with Trent's family for his mothers b-day.

~Played Guitar Hero

~Sang Happy Birthday

~Supervised Trent and Tyler installing a water filter.

~Watched movies with my parents

~Drove back to McKinney

8 things I wish I could do...

~Go on a cruise

~Buy a house

~Travel all over the world

~Paint...I love to paint, but I am not talented

~Get motivated to lose weight

~Save money

~Get taller

8 shows I watch...

~Grey's Anatomy

~Private Practice

~Desperate Housewives

~One Tree Hill

~Big Bang Theory

~American Idol

~Who's wedding is it anyway?

~Most of the shows on the HGTV

8 people I tag...





And I am out of Blogger friends...I need more readers!