Thursday, April 23, 2009

RIP Birdy

Well, today while I was driving home I hit a bird. SOOOOO sad for both the bird and my car!

I was on 75 going the speed limit (65), and the left lane had cars and to my right was the gaurd rail. So, there is the where to go! Then....BOOOM! I looked in the rearview and saw nothing but feathers. It looked like I ran over a pillow. I was really upset and almost started crying, but then started thinking about my car. So, I exited the highway and pulled over to check out my car. All I saw was an imprint of the bird.

I then went to wash my car to see if I could get it off, but the bird took all of the paint off where he hit. I guess I will be going to get an estimate on that now! NOT FUN!!!!!

So, there is my eventful day in a nutshell!

All I can say now is...GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alyson said...

So sad!!! Hope your car is better! =) PS--I just tagged you on my blog--check it out!