Monday, January 11, 2010

Wedding Planning

Well, we are still working on everything.

I need to start with the venue. We looked at two this weekend. They are in the running, but I still need to check out a couple more. I am going Wednesday to check out another venue after work. Trent can't go to this one Wednesday, but since it is an outdoor venue I wanted to get it in before the rain. I will just be taking pictures, and sharing with Trent and our families.

Trent is starting to help more then I ever thought he would. We sat down this weekend to look at cakes, and picked out a couple of cakes. We are also trying to decide on the colors. We are looking for more "spring" colors. We are looking at new dates as well. We are open to March--May.

I will keep everyone posted! I hope it wasn't overly boring.


AROSS said...

I know you are so excited to start the planning process!! Treasure every moment because it will be over before you know it! We need to dinner soon.