Monday, January 4, 2010

The Past Decade Recap

So, I have been thinking about writing a 2009 recap, and then I thought writing a decade wrap up with a big 2009 ending would be nice. Should be semi long, but it will be a fun look back for me!

The decade starts with me in my Senior year in Whitesboro, TX. Here are the imporant events of 2000.

March 18, 2000--I turned 18! (Oh, to be 18 again!)
May 2000--Graduated High School from WHS!!!
June 2000--My first job at Old Navy
July 2000--Started at Bealls
August 2000--Moved to Durant Oklahoma to go to school at Southeastern, and started the flag corp!
November 2000--Started dating Trent
December 6, 2000--Trent and I became offical

On to the year 2001
It was fairly uneventful, but here goes what I remember!
April 2001-- I rented my first apartment.
May 2001--Started working at Stage, and I moved into my first apartment.

2002 is pretty much the same as 2001.

2003 was a very studious year, and that was my main focus. I had my pre-student teaching, and I worked at a daycare center. I loved both of these life choices, and made it very clear to me I choose the correct career path.

2004 was a very excited year, and full of changes!
January 2004--Started my last semester at SOSU!
February 2004--Started my Student Teaching at Curtsinger Elementary in Frisco, and moved back into my parents house.
March 2004--McKinney Job Fair, and my job offer at Bennett Elementary in McKinney
April 2004--Signed my contract!!!
May 2004--Graduated from SOSU!!!
June 2004--Started working at Bealls in McKinney
July 2004--Moved to McKinney
August 2004--Started teaching...YIPPIE!!!!!

I bought my first new car, and continued teaching 2nd grade. I also started my masters in the summer of this year.

Still teaching 2nd grade, and going to grad school.

2007 got busy again
April 2007--Agreed to open a new school
May 2007--Graduated from Grad School
June 2007--Met all of my new teammates at Press
August 2007--Opened Press Elementary

2008--In August I started teaching 3rd grade with THE BEST TEAM EVER!!!!!

2009--Lots of changes
January--Still working with the best team ever!
February--Started job searching
June--Got a new job and rented a house in Van Alstyne
July--Moved into my new house and my office
August--Started my School Counseling Job
November--My new baby cousin was born
December--Lots of fun family time, and on Christmas day, Trent proposed! On a white Christmas...SO AWESOME!

So, the last 10 years has been a pretty great 10 years, but went WAY TO FAST!!!

Thanks for reading!


Cortney said...

What about me graduating college and high school. Parents 30 th anniversary going on our "senior trip". Those are big events!!!!

Tara said...

Well, you know me...I tend to be forgetful!